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Your journey to effortless reds & lived in color that you love starts now!


I understand investing in your hair and trusting a new hairstylist can be intimidating, so I appreciate you considering me to take care of you, and  I don't plan on taking the task lightly!


In this manual, you'll learn a little bit about your experience with me being a VIP Guest. If you have any questions, you can reach out to me using the contact info on the next page.


I can't wait for your very first visit!

Come with me as I give you a personal tour of my one chair suite, Coco Salon. 

I've made this short video tour so you can get familiar with the area, parking and restrooms. 

You'll receive a confirmation 72 hours before your appointment and a reminder 24 hours before your appointment.



Whether you air dry or blow-dry , I suggest coming to your first visit wearing your hair how you typically like to style it. Seeing your hair dry & styled helps me to choose the best techniques & looks that will enhance & fit your lifestyle.

Dress for Success

I want you to relax during your appointment, so please dress comfortably! To ensure your clothing remains dry & stain free, I recommend completely changing into the clean kimono or smock that will be waiting for you in the restroom. If you choose to wear the provided covering on top of your clothing, please avoid wearing bulky necklines like hooded sweatshirts & turtlenecks.

While NOT required, I love capturing before and after photos of your hair along with the creative process! 

Pro- tip: wearing a top neutral in color to your appointment is very helpful in keeping the focus on your hair. 

Payment Methods

All major credit cards and cash are accepted.


You'll receive a text the day before your appointment with instructions of what to do when you get here. You'll be able to choose your drink, music, and essential oil of choice before walking into the salon for a completely customized experience and your self-care needs.


I'll kindly introduce you to the space to make you feel comfortable, and walk you back to my suite to begin your service.


The Diagnosis


We'll have a thorough conversation about your hair to make sure we're both confident on how we should proceed with your service. You will feel listened to, excited, and taken care of as we explore solutions and plans to create your perfect low maintenance hair color.



Tell Me Your Secrets

I want you to love your hair so I may ask you a lot of questions during your consultation- this is a judgement free zone so be honest about it’s history, your lifestyle, & your hair goals.

Pictures are encouraged so screenshots & Pinterest boards are always welcome! Pro-tip: showing me 1-2 pics of looks you want to avoid are just as important as the looks you want to achieve.

Before We Start

I’m all about transparency! I’ll recap your service plan and pricing before we get started.

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